Stephanie Sabshin, DVM


Stephanie Sabshin, DVM

Dr. Stephanie Sabshin is a skilled surgeon with a dream to provide high quality low cost surgeries to animals in need. Along with her highly trained and dedicated team, she performs approximately 40 surgeries per day.

From the moment she adopted a feral cat with FIV, Dr. Sabshin, then 15, knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. In 2012 her dream became a reality when she graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine with an emphasis on shelter medicine, soft tissue surgery, and feline medicine and surgery.

Dr. Sabshin went straight into private practice following vet school, but felt helpless when owners couldn't afford the best care for their pets. Her next job was the large open admission county shelter. Even though she could provide ideal medicine and surgery for the stray animals in the shelter, she saw the need to provide care in the community BEFORE the animals were forced to enter the shelter. Many of the shelter animals were unwanted litters from unspayed cats and dogs, or urinating in the house from undiagnosed bladder stones, or injured and the owner couldn't afford care, or simply too expensive to keep.

Dr Stephanie Sabshin

She never had any aspirations to open her own clinic, but realized she would need to in order to provide the high quality care she expected of her and her staff, while maintaining the low costs of a nonprofit.

Her biggest cause is spaying and neutering animals in an effort to control the number of unwanted animals entering the shelters. She provides low-cost spays and neuters for her clients and has performed more than 35,000 surgeries. Besides spays and neuters, Dr. Sabshin performs numerous other soft tissue surgeries that are often challenging, lifesaving, and incredibly rewarding.

Dr. Sabshin has 5 cats, 3 dogs, a horse, and a turtle. She enjoys riding her horse on the weekends and traveling as often as her busy schedule allows