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Anthony Mutchler, DVM

Anthony Mutchler, DVM

Although Tony Mutchler has been a resident of the Tampa Bay area for most of his life, he has lived in many other states and in other countries, including Peru and Venezuela. Dr. Mutchler’s love of animals was nurtured from a very young age, as his family always had dogs and cats (usually strays), as well as snakes, birds, and turtles that he rescued. He also spent summers working on his grandfather’s horse farm, in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Mutchler always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but his dream was somewhat deferred.  In preparation for a career in veterinary medicine, he served as a volunteer at various vet clinics and an animal-rescue facility, and worked as a vet tech at the University of Florida vet hospital. Following graduation from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, he has practiced at a number of mixed- and small-animal clinics in Alabama and Florida, and operated his own mixed-animal mobile veterinary practice for seven years. In addition,  he has provided veterinary assistance to various rescue groups and shelters.

In his spare time, Dr. Mutchler enjoys hanging out with his wonderful wife, Jamie, and amazing daughters, Savannah and Delaney, as well as their two standard poodles, Sophie and Logan, and Sphinx kitty, Ruby-Trixie. His other personal interests include kayaking, traveling, reading, and watching soccer (especially his beloved Liverpool), baseball, and other sports. Professional interests include animal welfare, internal medicine, and client education.

Dr. Anthony Mutchler
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